NatPharm, which is part of the broader embodiment of the health delivery system, prides itself in being the quintessence in delivering the country’s medicines and medical supplies to the last mile of the health supply chain. The country’s largest medicines and medical supplies distributor, has a mandate enshrined in the Government Medical Stores (Commercialisation Act 13 of 2000) to deliver the country’s medicines and medical supplies to all public health institutions. The company has managed to consistently and efficiently execute this mandate at all cost. NatPharm will continue to proficiently carry out its responsibilities and achieve its objectives regardless of an array of dreadful challenges stemming from the marauding Covid-19 pandemic.  

As a quasi-Government institution, NatPharm is obliged to integrate and coordinate activities of its custodian the Ministry of Health and Child Care and stakeholders. NatPharm has complimented Government and other stakeholders’ efforts in implementing various distribution programmes, through which supplies are made to health institutions. These programmes include the Zimbabwe Assisted Pull System (ZAPS); Zimbabwe Laboratory Commodities Distribution System (ZiLa CoDS); Zimbabwe Art Distribution system (ZADS); Voluntary medical Male Circumcision (VMMC); and traditional pull system (Emergence Orders) where facilities initiate orders at any time.